Call out AGL's spin!

Odds are that your superfund invests in AGL, Australia’s biggest carbon polluter. AGL claims to be a climate saviour, yet plans to keep burning coal until 2050 — far longer than the climate can cope. Tell your fund to tell AGL that it has years, not decades, to clean up its act and get out of fossil fuels.

Call out AGL's spin!
Call out AGL’s spin!

AGL Energy uses savvy marketing and smooth talking spokespeople to present itself as a climate saviour. However, Australia’s number one polluter plans to keep burning coal until 2050!

In the lead up to AGL’s 2016 AGM community groups across the country will be exposing AGL’s greenwash through creative actions, talking with the company’s customers and supporting the work of local communities living near AGL’s polluting projects. Together they will demand AGL matches its greenwashed marketing with a plan to get out of fossil fuels in years not decades.

One of the most important voices that AGL will hear from around AGM season is its biggest shareholders. Most Australian Superfunds are major investors in AGL. So it’s crucial your fund hears that you are concerned about investing in Australia’s number one polluter.

Join the push for a Fossil Free AGL today!