Keep your super out of Adani’s dirty coal plans

Nearly every super fund in the country is a shareholder in Downer. Demand your fund tells Downer to abandon its plans to construct and operate Adani’s Carmichael coal mine!

Keep your super out of Adani’s dirty coal plans
Downer wants to build Adani’s mega coal mine!

Downer has signed agreements with Adani to construct and operate the monstrous Carmichael coal mine planned for Queensland’s Galilee Basin.

Despite the devastating impact the mine would have on our planet, Downer is genuinely excited about the prospect of ripping the heart out of the Galilee Basin.

This is not good enough from a major Australian company. And what’s worse, your super is likely to be invested in Downer!

Unlike a bank or an energy provider, Downer doesn’t regularly deal with the general public. So some of the most important voices that Downer will listen to are its major shareholders.

So it’s absolutely critical that your super fund hears from you about Downer’s plans for the Galilee. This massive project is incompatible with our national commitments in the Paris Agreement, and will set off a carbon bomb that could destroy any chance of limiting warming to below 2 degrees.