Your Money. Your Future. Your Choice.

As health and community workers our retirement savings shouldn’t be used to worsen the public health impacts caused by fossil fuels and global warming. Join the groundswell and ask your super fund to shift your money out of coal, oil and gas.

Your Money. Your Future. Your Choice.
Health Super

The extraction, transportation and burning of fossil fuels like coal and coal seam gas have terrible public health effects. Air and water pollution impact directly on health while the effects of heatwaves, storms, bushfires, floods and mosquito-borne diseases worsened by climate change are the indirect consequences of our fossil fuel use.

As superannuation funds taking care of the retirement savings of health workers, HESTA and First State Super should not be invested in these dirty industries. They should be upholding the values of their members by shifting their investments out of fossil fuels.

Health workers don’t want to be improving public health through their work, while funding pollution and climate change with their super.

Join the call for HESTA and First State Super to align your money with your values. Fill out the form above and ask them to divest from fossil fuels.